After travelling around Australia in 2005 the seed was planted in our minds to take that sea change in a more permanent way.

We started our grand tour in September 2005. Two gals, two dogs, a four-wheel drive and off road camper trailer!

We stayed in a range of accommodation. Mainly in caravan parks, sometimes in bush camps and occasionally in service station parks. Every now and then we put the dogs into kennels and stayed in more up market hotels and also holiday rentals that were “Dog friendly”.

We were often disappointed with the conditions of the “Dog friendly” places.

It seemed to be that if you had pets you were sent up the back of the caravan park often further away from amenities or the beach. Holiday homes often said they were dog friendly and then said the dogs had to stay outside. If allowed inside the places were quite often furnished with second hand furniture. The dogs would often have to be tied up in caravan parks and this was often in dry, dusty ground. Sometimes we would stay in caravan parks that were dog friendly but the beach or park nearby did not allow dogs!!! Frustrating!

We did stay in a couple of places that seemed to “GET IT”!! Our two pampered pooches were made welcome and we took this away with us in our memories…

After returning to Adelaide we continued to holiday with our dogs. This included a houseboat on the River Murray and various holiday homes. We still were disappointed with the accommodation, but at least the dogs could come with us rather than stay in dog boarding kennels.

We began researching options to create a REAL dog friendly holiday experience. The dream started to come true when in 2012 we found 5 Jetty Rd, Normanville!

When we purchased the place it was a massive, overgrown, neglected property with a 1960’s two-bedroom “shack” on it. The house had gone beyond repair but the block of land was perfect in it’s size and location.

In the next couple of years we started to develop our ideas. The building was demolished, land sub-divided, plans drawn up and re-drawn many times. The process involved many application forms, Council meetings and discussions. It seemed to take ages with red tape at every turn!

Finally, in July 2014 the building began. This also meant selling our house in Adelaide (after living there for 21 years), moving to Normie and renting for six months whilst building took place. We both had to change our jobs…so basically FULL ON! Luckily our dogs being well travelled did not stress too much with the move and we also up rooted our 17-year-old cat who had never moved before.

The dogs were back running free on the beach! Normanville is an off lead, dog friendly beach as long as this is 100m from the jetty and dogs behaviour monitored and under control. The cafes in both Normanville and the surrounding areas made the dogs welcome as we relaxed with a wine or coffee.

As the building got underway we started planning how we would create a luxurious experience for couples or singles and still allow them to have their best friend with them. We made choices with furnishing, décor and landscaping to make the places practical but also indulgent. We remembered all of the special touches that we experienced on our travels with dogs and tried to provide these.

At first only Villa 2 was dog friendly however; as time goes by we may also make Villa 1 dog friendly.

Again, we hope you enjoy your stay. We hope that you have taken the time to read the ‘Dog Policy’ provided and that you will help us by adhering to this.

Kind regards,

Jane and Lynn